Ye Olde Pharmacy and Wellness Center offers a variety of glucose meters and diabetic testing supplies. We carry popular glucose meters such as Accuchek Advantage, Accuchek Aviva, Accuchek Compact Plus, Ascensia, Freestyle, Precision, One Touch Mini, and One Touch Ultra 2. Other meters are available on an order-in basis. Also, we carry diabetic testing strips that go with these glucose meters, in addition to insulin and syringes.

We accept Medicare Assignment for customers who get their prescriptions filled at Ye Olde Pharmacy. With a medicare supplement, most supplies are available at no out-of-pocket cost.

We offer a Sharp’s Disposal Service. Bring in your red, plastic Sharp’s container and we will properly dispose of it for a nominal fee. Ye Olde Pharmacy sells quart, gallon and 2 gallon capacity Sharp’s containers.



  • Alcohol Swabs
  • Bio-Hazard Container for Syringe Disposal
  • Dermal Therapy
  • Mi’ Fine Skin Care Products
  • Log Books
  • Transfer Pipets
  • Batteries
  • Inject-Ease
  • Insul-Eze Magnifier
  • Insulin-Aid Vial Holder
  • Osbon ErecAid Systems
  • Truhand
  • Autoject
  • Autopen
  • All insulins and insulin pens
  • Sugar Free Candy, Cough Drops and Vitamins
  • AlphaBetic Vitamins
  • Alpha-Betic Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Dex4 Glucose tablets
  • Haemolance Lancets
  • Ulticare Lancets
  • BD Autoshield
  • Diabetic Organizers and Carry-alls
  • Books on Diabetes


Dr. Comfort is dedicated to providing the highest quality and comfort in extra depth footwear. Dr. Comfort delivers products which ensure true comfort, style and customer satisfaction. They believe that their products contribute to increased compliance which will reduce the adverse effects of diabetes and other foot complications. They provide a wide variety of shoes, boots, slippers, and insoles, including heat moldable diabetic inserts.