Ye Olde Pharmacy & Wellness Center accepts most prescription insurance plans including Seniorcare and Wisconsin Medical Assistance. Additionally, we will bill Medicare-billable equipment as a non-assignment, courtesy claim to take the paperwork out of your hands.

We accept assignment on Medicare diabetes supplies such as test strips and lancets. Most Medicare supplements will allow direct billing from us for diabetes medications, insulin and insulin syringes. This may result in picking up diabetes medication and supplies at no out of pocket cost. Just stop in with your insurance cards and we will make the necessary telephone calls to determine which type of benefit your plan allows.


Ye Olde Pharmacy & Wellness Center fills traditional and compounded prescriptions. Traditional prescriptions include the usual tablets, capsules, liquids and topical medications normally thought of when filling a prescription at a pharmacy. Compounded prescriptions are those requiring special equipment and ingredients that must be mixed in a certain order to produce the final product. Compounding typically requires advanced training and certification beyond what is normally taught in pharmacy school. A compounded prescription usually fulfills a need for a special dose, form or flavoring that is not commercially available. We work with your physician, dentist, veterinarian or nurse practitioner and you to solve medication problems.


Because of our low overhead, we are able to provide prescriptions at a reasonable and fair cost. Our prices are generally lower than the chains because of this. Additionally, our generic prices usually beat Canadian generic prices! Our drug suppliers ship to us daily insuring the freshest medications possible. There is never a doubt as to where our medications come from and if they are still potent and fresh. This cannot be said for medications ordered over the internet or from foreign countries.


We take pride in our service. We are noted for our fast and friendly service. We are here to serve you. In order to help us serve you better, we request that you place your refill orders 24 hours in advance. Notifying us 24 hours ahead helps insure that we will have your item in stock and at the quantity you request. You may phone or download this form and email or fax it to us. You may also leave your requests on our answering machine after hours. Unfortunately, state law does not allow patients to phone or fax in their own new prescriptions. The law does allow for your practitioner to fax, phone or mail in certain prescriptions. Please ask our pharmacists if you need help in this regard.