As a Wellness Center, we bring pharmacy to the next level; an information source, a soothing health care center and an integral part of your goal toward health. Our pharmacists will not only answer your prescription questions, but also questions about other health related issues that concern you.

With the use of modern computer technology and well structured software, our pharmacists are in a position to help you select natural products that complement the therapy your physician has prescribed for you. We are here to help, please ask us for assistance.

In addition, the pharmacy is no longer just a place to go when you’re ill, but rather a health care oasis where our Wellness Team can help you achieve your optimum level of health so you can be in a better position to prevent illness before it starts.

Stop by and visit our Wellness Center now, and learn how you can…add years to your life, and life to your years.



Ye Olde Pharmacy and Wellness Center offers a wide variety of vitamin, mineral, herbal and nutritional supplements. We feature products from Carlson, Enzymatic Therapy, Terry Naturally of Green Bay, Wisconsin, Standard Process of Palmyra, Wisconsin, and New Chapter. We also stock many “Ye Olde Pharmacy” brand items.

Products are available for arthritis, diabetes, men’s and women’s health, sleep and anxiety, and fibromyalgia. We also offer antioxidants, probiotics, and products for immune system support and cardiosupport.

Nutritional drinks such as Ensure®, Ensure Plus® and Boost® are available. We also have the ability to special order other nutritional drinks and puddings with just a one or two day notice. Special ordering ensures the freshest product and the longest expiration date possible.

Our “Ask the Doctor” informational brochures are very popular and cover a wide range of topics. These brochures are available at no charge and typically offer web addresses for further information.



We offer a variety of books on health and wellness, including books on Diabetes, Hormone Replacement Therapy and more. Below is a listing of some of the titles we carry.

Diabetes related books:

  • Diabetes A to Z
  • InControl – A Guide for Teens with Diabetes
  • It’s time to learn about Diabetes
  • Month of Meals (menu books)

Bio-Identical (Natural) Hormone Replacement Therapy related books:

  • HRT: The Answers
  • The Hormone Survival Guide to Peri-menopause
  • What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer
  • Natural Hormone Balance
  • Natural Hormone Replacement for Women Over 45

Other hormone related books:

  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • The Cortisol Connection
  • The Thyroid Solution
  • Wilson’s Thyroid Syndrome
  • The Testosterone Syndrome

Yeast related books:

  • Feast without Yeast
  • A Extraordinary Power to Heal
  • Extraordinary Foods from the Everyday Kitchen

Other health related books:

  • Mayo Clinic On High Blood Pressure
  • The Low-Carb Anti-Aging Diet
  • Smart Guide to Low-carb Cooking
  • The Life Bridge
  • Beyond Aspirin